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Through Lambs to Lions, we will bring awareness and education to the public in order to partner and network with those who would share our vision to provide the necessary resources needed to provide housing, education and healing to these courageous human beings who have been victimized by the horrific evil of sex trafficking and to give them hope of a triumphant future.


Our first project will consist of building individual bed space and a centralized

fellowship hall, all maintained safely and securely in an open and free environment.


We have been presented with the opportunity to purchase a parcel of land in East Tennessee with some bed space already in place and plenty of room for expansion to fulfill our "Triumphant Future" project.

Your donation, be it monetary and/or volunteering your time/skills, will help us in providing not only beds but a place to have meals, interact socially, counseling (situation specific trauma counseling also avaliable), education (regardless of level of entry), and life skills. Each individual will learn how to plan meals and shop for food, gardening, food preservation, cooking, cleaning, sewing and crafting. They will learn how to fill out a job application and be trained in job skills for opportunities to move forward in life with confidence.

Facilites will be staffed 24/7 for the safety and security of everyone regardless of age. Children will also be provided situation specific trauma counseling. Every consideration will be made to see to their needs going forward such as play areas, a warm bed, clothing, food, toys, etc. The children will be provided safety, stability and proper boundries. Children coming from the horror of any form of abuse need to be transitioned back into the nurturing comfort of  "safe and loving arms." Children will be provided clothing, warm blankets, and fuzzy toys. In a family setting, children will take part in fishing, picnics, story telling, play therapy, and animal interaction.

Equine therapy will be avaliable for all ages.

As more needs arise, with your help, we will work together to provide all things necessary to meet these needs.

Those rescued need your help. Please consider donating and being a part of restoring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to those who have been robbed of these God given rights.



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